I hope I will… 

*fix, *get, *do, *make, *get better in, *succeed in.., * be late for school…, *improve (myself), *change


I hope I will go to Australia this year.

I’m going to… / I’m going not to… 

I’m going to exercise more this year.

I should / I shouldn’t / I must….

I shouldn’t be late for school


What are some New Year’s resolutions you made in the past?
Do you make New Year’s resolutions?
Why do we make NY resolutions?
How can New Year’s resolutions help people?
Are there any New Year’s resolutions that you would break quickly?
What are some New Year’s resolutions that you friends usually make?
Should we make New Year’s resolutions?
What New Year’s resolutions are you still keeping now?
Are you going to lose weight / exercise every day / study harder / … Why?



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