WHO SANG …?  Write the lyrics and the name of the singer. Then sing the song.


1.       He said he wanted to break free  yes!
2.       He asked me how many roads a man must walk down before you called him a man  that’s it!
3.       He told us to imagine there was no heaven; he said that it was easy if we tried  sure you knew!
4.       He said he believed in miracles and asked where she was from; then he called her sexy thing  you’ve heard it before!
5.       She said they had tried to make her go to rehab and she had repeated no, no, no  that was easy!
6.       He said somebody had once told him the world was going to roll him  did you know?
7.       She said every night in her dreams, she saw him, she felt him  of course!
8.       He told us that in the town where he had been born had lived a man who had sailed to sea  great!
9.       She admitted that at first she had been afraid, and added that she had been petrified  that was not so difficult!
10.   She said that she would tell us what she wanted, what she really really wanted  exactly!
11.   He told us to get up, to stand up, to stand up for our rights  sure thing!
12.   She said she had been cheated by him since she didn’t know when  no doubt!
13.   She said that if she had been a boy, even just for a day, she would have rolled out of bed in the morning  easy, right?
14.   He said he used to rule the world  and this one?
15.   She said she had kissed a girl and she had liked it  fantastic!
16.   They said they didn’t need no education and they didn’t need thought control  classic, huh?
17.   She told us not to stop the music  sounds familiar?
18.   He said that the previous day all his troubles had seemed so far away, and then it looked as though they were there to stay  yeah, that’s them!



  1. Easy sets – engly
  2. Longer sets – PEG
  3. Plan B Song