So next up we have Crete. One of the pros is that it is the largest island in Greece and with that it means that there’s a lot more affordable hotel options and areas to visit. There’s endless amount of activities here from hiking to beach hopping and a lot of famous archaeological sites. One of the cons is that since it is such a big island you won’t get that small island feel and in some parts such as Heraklion where I visited it does feel more like a big city. The next thing is that you will need transportation so either rent your own car or hire a company and some people say it takes a minimum of a week with a rental car to barely scratch the surface of the island and make sure to note that if you do decide to rent a car you will need an international driver’s license so make sure you figure that out at home before you go. Then here are some of the other islands that people suggest and what they are known for.

Write a short text for the tourist magazine.

List of words for 10 parts of your text:

1. beautiful/country/ Greece

2. ever/been/Greece

3. food/delicious/Greece

4. beaches/amazing/Greece

5. favorite/place/Greece

6. people/friendly/Greece

7. seen/Acropolis/Athens

8. rich/history/Greece

9. weather/like/Greece

10. visit/Greece/someday

Personal essay topics:
1. My unforgettable experience of exploring the ancient ruins in Athens.
2. How my trip to Greece changed my perspective on Mediterranean cuisine.
3. The beauty and serenity of Santorini island that left me mesmerized.
4. How I learned about Greek mythology and history through my travels.
5. My journey of learning the Greek language and how it helped me connect with locals.

General essay topics:
1. Greece is a popular tourist destination. In what ways has tourism affected the country’s culture and economy? Is this a positive or negative development?
2. Greek philosophy has had a profound impact on Western thought. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
3. Some people argue that visiting historical sites and landmarks is an important part of learning about a country’s culture and heritage. Others believe that these sites should be preserved and not overrun by tourists. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
4. Greece has faced economic challenges in recent years. What are some of the causes of these challenges, and what steps can the government take to address them?
5. Greece has a rich tradition of art and literature. In what ways have Greek artists and writers contributed to global culture?