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Zestaw nr 4

Present He takes It is taken
Past He took It was taken 
Present Perfect He has taken It has been taken
Past perfect He had taken It had been taken
Future He will take It will be taken
Future perfect He will have taken  It will have been taken
Conditional  He would take It would be taken
Past Conditional He would have taken It would have been taken
Modal verbs He may, might, could, can (etc,) take It may, might, could, can (etc,) be taken
Present He is taking It is being taken
Past He was taking It was being taken
Present perfect He has been taking *
Past perfect He had been taking *
Future He will be taking *
Future perfect He will have been taking *
Conditional He would be taking *
Past conditional He would have been taking  *
Infinitive (to) take (to) be taken
Perfect infinitive (to) have taken (to) have been taken
Gerund taking being taken
Imperative Take! be taken!


  1. How it Works
  2. First Step Theory&Practice
  3. Passive in Different Tenses
  4. Practice
  5. Sentence Game
  6. Song – Can’t Be Tamed
  7. Song – Sweet Dreams