Conversation questions on the topic of Polish Independence Day.
 Do you think that celebrations such as Polish Independence Day are important?
Why/why not?
 How do Poles celebrate the day?
 Do you celebrate Independence Day? If yes, in what way?
 What do schools organize in celebration of Independence Day?
 Have you ever taken part in any kind of parade/march? Talk about it.
 Have you ever held a banner? If yes, when/where? What did it represent?
 Have you seen people chanting and cheering? Where/when?
 Describe your national flag.
 What does your national coat of arms look like?
 What is your national anthem about? Is it long/interesting?
 How often do your sing your national anthem?
 Did you have to learn it by heart?
 Do you or people you know display your national flag on 11th November?
 What do you think about the tradition?
Should all Polish people fly a flag on 11th November?
 What could you say about your country? Do you like it?
Why do think it’s (not) good to live in Poland?
 Are you proud to be Polish? Why/why not?